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Shadow of Freedom

A Friends to Lovers, Age Gap Romance 

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      "Passion Ignites in the Face of Danger: A Heart-Pounding Conclusion to a Forbidden Love Amidst a Perilous Conspiracy"

      As Spark becomes trapped in Orphan's relentless digital labyrinth, Jackson races against time to rescue her, only to find the Syndicate's grip tightening around them.

      With each step of their perilous mission, the layers of the conspiracy unravel, challenging everything they believed.

      In the chaos, Spark battles an AI's torment and haunting memories while their love becomes their guiding light.

      As the final showdown with the Syndicate looms, secrets are revealed, allegiances tested, and the line between friend and foe blurs.

      Can love conquer all, even in the face of a malevolent digital nemesis and a world on the brink of destruction?

      Brace yourself for a heart-racing finale where justice and love collide, and only the resilient will emerge victorious from the shadows.

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