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Shadow of Innocents

 Age Gap, Second Chance Romance

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      Shadows of Innocents is a romantic suspense novel that will keep you captivated from beginning to end.

      Still haunted by a traumatic childhood, Isabella finds herself irresistibly drawn to Paul, her enigmatic partner with a hidden past of his own. A high stakes case plunges them headfirst into the steamy underworld of human trafficking, testing the boundaries of trust and desire at every turn.

      Cryptic clues ignite their white-hot chemistry as Isabella and Paul race against time through the pulsing streets of the Caribbean, the lavish seductions of Paris, and the forbidden temptations of Spain. With each revelation, their connection intensifies, even as sinister secrets threaten to tear them apart.

      In stolen moments of passion, Isabella and Paul explore the mysteries in their hearts, finding salvation in each other's arms. But when a politician's daughter goes missing, the search for answers leads them into the clutches of a ruthless criminal network.

      To infiltrate the guilty hiding in plain sight, Isabella and Paul must pretend to be lovers, blurring the lines between fact and fantasy. Every passionate caress and smoldering kiss brings them closer to the edge, even as it binds them closer together.

      Determined to right the wrongs of the past, Isabella and Paul become captivated by the heat of the moment. But when the final shocking truth is unveiled, the flames of their desire could destroy everything they've built.

      Shadow of Innocence is a pulse-pounding thriller where danger and passion combust. Can Isabella and Paul take down the trafficking ring without losing themselves in the process?

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